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We are OnlyFruit

We produce and export from Chile to the world the highest quality of products grown on our land.

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Our Mission

Produce with quality under controlled conditions and export fresh and safe products so as to meet and fullfill the specifications of the most demanding customers.

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Our Vision

Consolidate, growing steadily over time, develop new products and achieve global recognition as a reliable company in quality and food safety.

Welcome to our site. We are Only Fruit.

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Welcome to our Project


We have a new face

We export fruit to different markets throughout the world. Know our products.

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The climate in Rancagua

Useful tool to predict and plan your activities.

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Our Agriculture Fields

Our three main properties are: Gondesende, Tecnonorte and Montenegro. We are growers of cherries and blueberries. Meet them through this gallery.

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Fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that serve us to prevent many diseases. It has detoxifying and revitalizing properties.


They are considered the "super fruit" due to its proven health benefits, among which include an antibiotic effect, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


It is recommended for people with gout and arthritis diseases, kidney problems and need to remove toxins. Grapes are used to detoxify the body.

Recent News

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Between September 1st and 16th of this year 2014, our Commercial Manager Mr. Marcelo Mejìas F., ach....


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It is located in the region of Rio Bueno....


Purchasing of the Field Valle Del Sol ....

This field is located near the locality ....