Our exporting project Only Fruit started six years ago, as a consequence of the initiative of its founder partners, who decided to export without intermediaries, their own production of blueberries, mainly to the U.S.A. and Canada market.

Since the 2011-2012 season, we added to this offer the cherries as a second species, which also has an important proportion of our own production.

We have orchards under Global Gap certification standards and our packaging processes under HACCP certification.

In the last two years, our strategic plan has focused on incorporating other species, as well as to achieve an increase in the percentage of our own fruit through the purchasing of new fields to add them to those that are already in production.

Thus we are concentrated on the grape exports mainly to Asia, and apples and pears also.

The phytosanitary program planning (pesticides), is in accordance with the requirements of the most demanding markets and in parallel with existing standards of Codex Alimentarius.

Our main markets are: the United States, Asia, Europe and South America. The experience gained during 30 years as farmer of one of its partners and added to the business experience and in the export sector of the Only Fruit team, has generated sufficient expertise to develop a project with a strong and deep potential for the future.


Our mission is to become and export option with premium products in quality, freshness, with on optimum delivery status on arrival, with a vertical integration to add value to our final product, and this way accessing to better market price, optimizing operational costs and creating a sustainable relationship overtime with our producers and receivers located abroad.


The vision of our company is to consolidate as an important performer as one of the most important companies in the fruit-growing area in our country ,to expand the range of fruit species venturing into elaborated and finished products and reaching the worldwide recognition as a reliable export company in relation to the standards of quality and food safety. In the national market we want to grow with contracted volume and also with our own production for which we are strengthening our Agricultural Area.

Our Values


By quality we mean to know, satisfy and fulfill the needs of customers and growers. This is what distinguishes our service.


We promise to respect and fully comply with our agreements to generate
transparent business relationships and long term partnerships with customers and growers.

Our values are: Quality, Confidence, Excellence and Sustainability.


At all times we apply our knowledge, skills and competence, in the specific areas, in every agreement or deal properly, for providing a good service to our partners, clients and growers; trying to find out the best solutions through a permanent improvement, so as to increase our business competitiveness and productivity, essential to achieve maximum efficiency.


All the members of this company have additional skills, knowledge, competence and experience which are applied at the disposal of our company and our growers as well, so as to consider mutually responsible, due to the fact that we share the same business approach. We work all together as a whole team with the aim of getting the best results in a long time period.



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