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There are eleven different kinds of cherries in the world. Very palatable for adults and children more for its taste than for its medicinal properties, however, it has a very good combination of active ingredients which make it an excellent food-medicine. In fact it was highly appreciated by physicians of ancient Greece for its detoxifying properties

Nutritional qualities

The nutritional value of cherries is daily prevention.
It is remineralizing and toning. Rarely we have on hand a fruit so full of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that work for revitalizing us. From the nutritional point of view, it contains over 80% of water, with 59 calories per 100 grams.

Slimming cures
One of the most valued properties of cherry is to mitigate the sensation of hunger in the brain. The cherry cure can be used without fear of malnourished or demineralized.

The salicylic acid (about 2 mg per kilo of cherry), gives a good anti-inflammatory effect and anti- arthritic. Besides the pendulum or holding fruit scut, boiled, will serve as a diuretic and help eliminate circulating uric acid.

In diabetics
Carbohydrates or sugars of Cherry, fructose and levulose, are so easily assimilated, that even diabetics can eat this fruit without problems.

Blood Flow
Helps improve circulation, so it is ideal against diseases such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, among others.

It is a fruit that, thanks to its content of ellagic acid, helps inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells.

The uric acid content and cherry consumption have always been related to the treatment and prevention of gout.

Cherries also noted for its cosmetic virtues as it rejuvenates and refreshes the skin, combats swelling from fluid retention and promotes skin tanning.

Presentation and packaging

Export of fresh blueberries, of different varieties, such as: Early Burlat, Bing, Van, Rainier, Royal Dawn, to name a few. Our export and harvest season is shown on the following table:



Harvest Season:

Safety and Recent Certifications

In the constant search and effort to keep current with the demands of the market, and moreover aligning with the goals of continuous improvement of our company is that we have worked hard to get the various certifications that receivers demand, among which we highlight: Global Gap, USA Gap, HCCP and Tesco. Moreover, we are rigorous in the fulfillment with regulations on the handling pesticides, carrying out strict controls before harvest and post-harvest, which enable us to ensure food safety.

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