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Blueberries are considered the "super fruit" and even many call them the "fruit of the 21st century" due to its proven health benefits, among which it is included an antibiotic effect, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
No other fruit has the properties that blueberries have.

Nutritional Qualities

Nutritional Value of blueberries
The nutritional value of blueberries, according to the standardization of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, describes it as low fat and sodium free, free cholesterol and high in fiber, refreshing, tonic, astringent, diuretic and vitamin C that determines to be a fruit with many desirable features from the nutritional point of view.
Studies from Clemson University and the Department of Agriculture of the United States, have placed the blueberry in the number one position for its antioxidant capacity, against all the fruits and vegetables.
The pigment that gives the blue color to the fruit (the anthocyanin) , it is involved in human cellular metabolism decreasing the action of free radicals associated with the aging, cancer, heart diseases and Alzheimer's.

Blueberries in the pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry also uses it as component of antibiotics, drugs to fight diabetes and acute diarrheal and diseases of vision.

Blueberry as antioxidant
One of its features is the abundance of natural pigments (anthocyanins and carotenoids) of antioxidant action. Neutralize the action of free radicals which are harmful for the organism, resulting in a variety of physiological effects: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
It also includes a significant contribution of vitamin C, that enhances the immune system's defenses of the body and helps reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Also, vitamin C has the ability to promote the absorption of iron from food, thus improving or preventing anemia common. Fiber is a very abundant component in this fruit so habitual consumption may be beneficial to treat constipation and intestinal atony. .

Presentation and packaging

Export of fresh blueberries, of different varieties, such as O'Neal, Misty, Duke, Star, Legacy, Brigitta, to name a few. Our export and harvest season is shown on the following table:


Harvest Season:

Safety and Recent Certifications

In the constant search and effort to keep current with the demands of the market, and moreover aligning with the goals of continuous improvement of our company is that we have worked hard to get the various certifications that receivers demand, among which we highlight: Global Gap, USA Gap, HCCP and Tesco. Moreover, we are rigorous in the fulfillment with regulations on the handling pesticides, carrying out strict controls before harvest and post-harvest, which enable us to ensure food safety.

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